The Assessment Clinic, located in the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Education, serves the Chicagoland community by conducting comprehensive educational evaluations for school age children (6 to 16 years) who are experiencing academic difficulties in school.  Evaluations are individualized to the student’s particular learning needs and are completed by interns seeking their Masters or Certification in Special Education under the guidance of the clinic instructors and the director. These assessments include a comprehensive battery of formal tests, informal measures and both parent and teacher interviews.  Observations in the classroom and the clinic assist in exploring the student’s academic profile. A formal report of the student’s educational strengths with recommendations is written for the parents at the conclusion of the semester.


Clinic Goals:  Our clinic serves both the community and future special education teachers; therefore our goals are twofold:

1) To help children and their families gain a fuller understanding of their child’s learning profile of strengths and needs in order to seek more targeted support and services at school.

2) To prepare future special education teachers in the use of standardized and formative assessment procedures for their use in understanding, evaluating, and giving effective instructional feedback and recommendations.


Clinic Schedule: Assessments for children and youth (our clients) are scheduled two times per year. In the Spring (March), sessions are held on Saturdays. In the summer (July), sessions take place on weekdays.

Final reports are typically available two months after the semester is over.


Clinic Fees: The fee for testing is $350. Under special circumstances, this fee can be reduced.  Payment options are available.