UIC CARES strives to provide persons with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who serve them with individualized and comprehensive academic and behavioral assessment and support designed to meet their unique needs and values.

Our assessment services are provided over the course of a semester and include a family/teacher interview, five to six Saturday testing sessions (2.5 hour sessions), and a family results meeting. Assessment instruments are selected based on student needs but will always include both cognitive and achievement measures.

We use the following assessment instruments

Woodcock Johnson Cognitive
A standardized norm-referenced assessment battery that measures numerous cognitive functions involved with the learning process.
Woodcock Johnson Achievement
A standardized norm-referenced assessment battery that measures isolated reading, writing, and math skills.
Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals
A standardized assessment designed to assess a student’s language and communication skills in a variety of contexts.
Test of Written Language
A standardized norm-referenced test designed to measure a student’s knowledge of writing elements, formats and skills.
Informal Reading Inventories
A standardized criterion-referenced measure that compares the reading skills of the student according to expected grade level abilities, producing grade level performances.
Brigance Diagnostic
A nationally normed assessment designed to measure students’ basic skills in the classroom.
Conners Rating Scale Revised
A multi-informant assessment designed to provide a complete overview of child and adolescent concerns and disorders across multiple settings, with rating forms for parents, teachers, and youth.
Piers Harris Self Concept Scale
A self- report questionnaire designed to assess self-concept in children and adolescents.
Social Skill Improvement System
Standardized, norm-referenced scales on socials skills designed to help in evaluating the social skills, problem behaviors, and academic competence of children.
Test of Early Math Abilities
A norm-referenced, parallel forms test intended to identify the level of mathematical ability for young children.
Test of Early Reading Abilities
A norm-referenced test intended to measure the early-developing reading skills of young children.
Test of Reading Comprehension
A norm-referenced test of silent reading comprehension that can be used to assess the skills of children and adolescents.
Key Math
A comprehensive, norm-referenced measure of essential mathematical concepts and skills.
Writing Process Test
A simulated classroom writing task in which the child must combine various writing skills into a single performance such as brainstorming, spelling, organization, creativity, sentence formation, and vocabulary.
School Motivation & Learning Strategies Inventory
A standardized norm-referenced self-report inventory designed to assess 10 primary constructs associated with academic motivation and learning and study strategies.
Slingerland Screening Tests for Identifying Children with Specific Language Disability
A criterion-referenced test designed to assess processing abilities in tasks common to typical classroom activities.