The UIC Educational Assessment Clinic has expanded its services beyond educational evaluations and changed its name to reflect this.

UIC CARES provides individualized, comprehensive, and professional support to meet the unique needs and values of persons with dis\abilities, their families, and professionals who serve them across the lifespan. 

Clinic Goals:  UIC CARES serves both the community and future special education teachers; therefore our goals are multifold:

1) To help children, adolescents, adults and their families gain a fuller understanding of their child’s learning profile of strengths and needs in order to seek and/or provide more targeted support and services, both academic and behavioral interventions, at home, school, or in the community.

2) To provide applied behavior analysis programming to support persons with dis\abilities in social, communication, behavioral, vocational, and functional domains. 

3) To assist personnel, both school and community -based, in developing and implementing effective academic, behavioral, and social-emotional strategies through both remote and in-person behavioral coaching or professional training.

4) To prepare future special education teachers in the use of assessment and intervention procedures for tutoring and supporting students and individuals with diverse needs.

Assessment Services: Evaluations are individualized to the student’s particular learning needs and are completed by interns seeking their Masters in Special Education under the guidance of the clinic instructors, coordinator and director. These assessments include a comprehensive battery of formal tests, informal measures and both family and teacher interviews. Observations in the classroom and/or the clinic assist in exploring the students' academic profile. A brief advocacy report on the student’s educational strengths and needs, with recommendations, is provided at the conclusion of the semester. Full and final reports are available two months after the semester is over.

Assessments are scheduled two times per year. In the Fall (September) and Spring (March), sessions are held on Saturdays.

The fee for testing is $450. Under special circumstances, this fee can be reduced or waived.

Targeted telehealth support for geographically diverse populations is also available.