The UIC Educational Assessment Clinic serves families whose children (ages 6 to 16 years) are struggling academically and/or socially. We are committed to student success, and educational equity despite economic disparities and under-resourced public schools. Our educational and social-emotional evaluations yield targeted results for supporting children’s optimal learning. Simultaneously, the Clinic prepares the next generation of special education teachers to understand the vital role that assessment plays in understanding and addressing the needs of a growing diverse learner population.

Since its opening, over 30 years ago, the Clinic has served countless of families, children and teachers-in-training; they depend on the Clinic. To continue to serve the Chicagoland community, we need your help. Please give generously to support our efforts and build our future.

The donate button will lead you to the donate page for UIC's College of Education. Once you are on that page, please scroll down to find the UIC Educational Assessment Clinic and submit your donation. Thank you.