The UIC Educational Assessment Clinic benefits both families and special education interns.

Families share the impact of the Clinic experience:


"In kindergarten, our son was not learning at the rate of other students in his grade. He was not making progress and the school suggested we hold him back a grade. I saw the flyer about UIC’s Educational Assessment Clinic and it was a shining light in a gloomy situation. After our son was assessed we felt a sense of relief. We were empowered to take the assessment results to his school and advocate for him."

- Parent (Child Age 6)


"The UIC Educational Assessment Clinic made the assessment experience fun for our son. The staff was very receptive and helped us better understand his needs and strengths. We all learned a lot from the experience."

- Parent (Child Age 13)


Former interns (current special education teachers) share the impact of the Clinic experience:


“My Clinic experience at UIC was crucial in preparing me for the many roles I play as a Special Educator Teacher. Part of my role includes administering academic assessments for initial evaluations and three-year re-evaluations for students with individualized education plans. My clinic experience is what prepared me for this aspect of my career.”

- Autism resource teacher, grades K-8th


“As an educator, the Clinic at UIC proved to be extremely valuable when learning how to assess and help students with suspected disabilities. I learned how to better help the students I teach by researching and assessing what their actual needs are. It was also very rewarding to help the families and see the joy and relief the Clinic brought to them.”

- LBS1 K-2nd pullout teacher


“To say that interning with UIC's Educational Assessment Clinic helped prepare me for teaching would be an understatement. By working directly with children, families, and clinic staff, I could apply research to practice. The experience has helped me manage the real-world demands of being a special educator.

- Special education teacher


“…The Clinic was one of the most important courses in my program, providing my team with practical, real-life experience and expectations that shaped me professionally.”

- High school special education teacher