Kary Zarate, MEd

Ms. Zarate has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Carroll College and an LBS I and MEd in Special Education from UIC. She currently works as a Special Education teacher at Swift Elementary School, a Chicago Public School. Ms. Zarate serves as an instructor at the clinic.

Elizabeth Cambray Engstrom, MEd

Ms. Cambray earned her MEd in Special Education and LBS I at UIC and is pursuing her doctorate in Special Education at UIC. Previously, she worked at the UIC Child and Family Development Center. Ms. Cambray serves as an instructor at the clinic.

Andrea Prola, MEd

Ms. Prola earned her LBS1 and master’s degree at University of St. Francis and has been serving as a special education teacher for the past 10 years. She has taught graduate courses at other institutions. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Special Education at UIC. Ms. Prola serves as an instructor at the clinic.

Laura Cota, M.Sc.

Laura is pursuing her MEd in Special Education and LBS I at UIC. Previously, she graduated from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania, with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Psychology from Oxford Brookes University, UK. As a graduate assistant, Laura supports both the families and interns throughout the evaluation process and is key to efficient operation of the Clinic.

Norma Lopez-Reyna, PhD

Dr. Lopez-Reyna has a doctorate in Special Education, Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and School Psychology. A full time faculty member at UIC, she has directed the clinic for over 20 years and is dedicated to ongoing improvement of the clinic services. Dr. Lopez-Reyna plays a critical role in examining the cases and supporting the case study teams in developing student learning profiles and recommendations.